Hello world

Welcome to the official Zero Fun blog!

In this inaugural blog post, I'd like to share my thoughts on why blogging about game development is, in fact, pretty cool.

Like any endeavour, game development can be a chaotic mess.

You start out with an idea that feels amazing, a foolproof plan and a glorious vision of your future creation.

But as you progress through the project, you keep hitting these little bumps in the road.

Every once in a while, you also hit a *big* bump.

Unpredictable problems seem to pop up the more you look, and pretty soon it feels as if everything's falling apart.

Maybe you'll fail. Maybe you can't find the required resources, or even worse - maybe your idea sucks and just isn't fun. After all, many others have unraveled and perished before you, so this is not an unlikely outcome.

But maybe you'll succeed. Through cleverness, perseverence or plain old dumb luck, you'll regain control of your game development dream and realize your vision. A few others have done that too, so you know it's possible.

The thing is, with game development you never know how it's going to play out until you try. It's also difficult to learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.

More than any endeavour, game development is highly likely to be a chaotic mess.

That's why reflecting on all the ups and downs is really valuable. With that in mind, I'd like to officially welcome you to the official Zero Fun blog!

This blog will be useful to us as a way to preserve our hard-earned experience - in case we forget it in the hubris of our planned success, or the senility of old age, after we've managed to fail successfully for 20 years without a hit.

It might also be interesting to you as a reader - you can learn from our knowledge, enjoy our stories or even just enjoy Schadenfreude at our expense when reading about our failures and misfortunes.

The main purpose of this blog is to help us document our experiences, reflect on lessons learned and share interesting stories from our journey. We may also post news, announcements or various other tidbits... You know - blog stuff.

We'll try to keep it on topic, or at least that's the (foolproof) plan.

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