Antiprism Fully Released!

Our precious game-child has finally grown up and left the nest

Antiprism, our VR twin-ship shoot 'em up is available now on Steam and the Occulus App Lab. There's also a free demo on the Steam page, BTW.

We spent quite some time in closed beta, and also had the time to include a content patch and some tweaks and fixes in production while working on the Quest port.

This process led to the release of Antiprism version 1.04, which is probably the last build for the foreseeable future - unless we discover a player issue that we should fix.

A huge Thank You!

We self-funded and self-published Antiprism, so getting community support was a huge morale booster for us!

Thanks to everyone who supported us during the development process by playtesting, offering ideas and following our work!

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