Antiprism Closed Beta

We're looking for playtesters

Antiprism's development is chugging along nicely, so we thought it's a good time to have someone outside the studio play, give us feedback and even help us catch bugs.

We ran a public demo during the Steam Festival in February, which was well received, but it was from a pretty old build of the game.

This closed beta is different because it provides a sneak peek into our latest gameplay, graphics and audio.

The current version v0.84 of the Beta focuses on chapter 2 of our main story and also lets you play the first iteration of Survivor, an endless play mode.

Do you want to join the Beta?

If you're interested and you have a VR headset and some spare time, all you have to do is join our Discord server and ask to participate.

Playtesters get access to a private group where they can request Steam keys and chat with the devs.

Your feedback will help us create the best possible version of our beloved game, so thanks!

What was Antiprism again?

Antiprism is our indie VR twin-ship shoot 'em up where you control two ships at the same time, and upgrade each one separately.

You can find out more on the game's Steam page.

Make sure to wishlist and follow it on Steam, and check us out on the social media accounts listed in the contact footer below if you want to see our latest development updates!

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