Announcing Antiprism

Hey, we're not dead!

Actually, we're very much alive and have been working on a super secret project for almost a year now... It's finally time to share what we've been up to and announce our latest game: Antiprism!

What is Antiprism?

Antiprism is the world's first twin-ship single-player shoot'em'up, made exclusively for VR!

The game follows the adventures of Jexen and Malik - a pair of misfit space pilots who stumble upon a mysterious artifact while scavenging for valuable resources in a bad sector of the Galaxy. The artifact binds the two pilots together and grants them special abilities, but it also attracts dangerous forces seeking to exploit its power.

You, the player, control one space ship in each hand as you go on a series of missions, fighting swarms of enemies and awesome bosses while dodging enemy projectiles and strange anomalies. You can upgrade various systems on each of the two ships, including weapons, shields, engines and more - if you have the credits for it.

Why VR?

A VR space shoot'em'up seems like a weird choice for our studio, given that our previous game Copperbell was a fantasy 2D platformer adventure.

The truth is, we just had a really cool idea and decided to go for it! We believe we can bring some very interesting concepts to the shoot'em'up genre on the relatively new platform of VR.

In fact, Antiprism can not work properly on any other platform because the game's most defining feature is that you get to play as two separate fighters, one in each hand!

We're also working very hard on making Antiprism one of the most accessible VR games out there. We're designing the game so that it causes no motion sickness and can be played in whatever room setup you prefer - sitting, standing or room-scale.

Cool, what's next?

Our ships have de-cloaked and we'll be continuing our journey out in the open. We're extremely excited to share our progress with the world!

You can check out Antiprism's Steam page over here. Help us out by adding the game to your wishlist and spreading the word!

From now on, we'll be posting regular updates on social media including concept art, screenshots, gifs, story snippets and development updates, so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. If you want to say hi, you can also join our Discord server.

As you may know, we kinda suck at marketing so let's see how this goes...

Anyways, that's all for now, so thanks for reading!

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